Ximenes, Ettore (1855-1926)

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Ettore Ximenes, Italian sculptor, was born in Palermo in 1855 and died in Rome in 1926. He studied sculpture in Palermo, but it was fundumental the contact with V.Gemito in Naples, where he was also the pupil of D.Morelli in Academy. Affermed in the 70's (golden medal at the International Exposition in Paris of 1878 with the sculpture L'equilibrio), Ximenes became very soon the artist of a great success: Gli scolari del "Cuore" (1887) (Ascoli Piceno, Gall.Civ.); Rinascita (1895) (Rome, Gall.Naz.d'Arte Mod.); numerous public monuments in Italy and outside: the monuments to Garibaldi (1895, Milan); to General Belgrano (1898) (Buenos Aires); to Bottego (1907) (Parma); to Verrazzano (1911) (New York); to Alexander II (1911) (Kiev).

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