Zuccari, Federico (1542-1609) (brother of Taddeo)

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Federico Zuccari, Italian painter, architect and theorist, was born in Sant'Angelo in Vado, Urbino in 1542/43 and died in Ancona in 1609. Being very young he moved to Rome, where was a pupil of his brother Taddoleo and later, his collaborator. Independently, Zuccari decorated in 1560 Casino di Pio IV in Vatican and after a sojourn in Veneto (1561-1564) and Florence (1565), with the death of the brother, he inherited his unfinished works: Villa Farnese a Caprarola; Sala Regia in Vatican, Trinita' dei Monti and San Marcello al Corso (Rome). But his fame and acknowledgement were obtained most of all for the reorganization of the Roman Academy of San Luca and his activity as a theorist: L'Idea de'scultori, pittori e architetti (Turin, 1607).

Zuccari traveled in different regions of the Europe and worked in Florence (finishing the frescoes initiated by Vasari in the dome of the Cathedral); in Venice (Il Barbarossa prostrato davanti al papa (1582) Sala del Maggior Consiglio, Palazzo Ducale); in Spain (1585, invited by Filippo II, he depicted Adorazione dei Magi and Adorazione dei pastori (retable mayor dell' Escorial); in Turin (1605-1607, working for the Carlo Emanuele I di Savoia); in Rome (paintings in Santa Caterina de'Funari, Oratory of S.Lucia del Gonfalone (Flagellazione di Cristo); little palace on the via Gregoriana, the seat of Accademia di San Luca (now Biblioteca Hertziana), built and decorated with frescoes according to his own project (1590-1598).

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