Zuccari, Taddeo (1529-1566)

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Taddeo Zuccari, Italian painter, was born in Sant'Angelo in Vado, Urbino in 1529 and died in Rome in 1566. Sent to study painting by his father Ottaviano, he spent the years of artistic formation in Rome choosing as a model the art of Perin del Vaga and Polidoro da Caravaggio. His first important work was the facade of Palazzo Mattei (1548, doesn't exists anymore). After a period spent in Urbino at the court of Guidobaldo Della Rovere, Zuccari returned to Rome and in 1553 participated in decoration of Villa Giulia and later of Palazzo Orsini in Caprarola, where directed works over the large important fresco cycle ordered by cardinal Alessandro Farnese having a big number of collaborators and his brother Federico in particular.

The late works of the master are: decoration of the Cappella Frangipane in the church San Marcello al Corso in Rome, frescoes of Palazzo Farnese (1563-1565) and in Sala Regia in Vatican (1564-1565).

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